Surrogate mother

.Here’s one of the strangest
happening that was witnessed
by the local people & tourists in
Samburu Game Reserve, Kenya.
A lioness from a local lion pride
adopted a baby Oryx which
comes under one of the four
large antelope species..
The lioness came across the baby
Oryx scaring away its mother &
did not know what to do with
the calf. Then the lioness adopted
the calf as its own cub and
started protecting her instead of
attacking… People who
witnessed this rare big cat
behavior say that the lioness and
the calf slept, drank & played
Thanks to the incredible effort of
the real mother Oryx for risking
its own life feeding her baby calf
very close to the lioness. That’s
how the baby calf was able to
survive for so long.
However on Sunday of 6 January
2002, the sad end to the story
came when the lioness led the
oryx to the river bank to drink.
Weakened by two weeks of
looking after her adopted baby,
she fell asleep, failing to notice a
hungry male lion in the area. The
oryx was no more.
The Lioness was literally helpless
as it was too weak to defend the
baby oryx from the powerful
clutches of the strong dominant
male Lion. This made the lioness
go into deep stress roaring and
going around the male lion for
about 10 minutes & finally gave
up knowing its too late.
The Lioness disappeared in to
the bushes. The locals named this
lioness as ” Kaumnyak ” meaning
” The Blessed one “. Kaumnyak
adopted Oryx calfes for more 5
times until both Kaumnyak and
the calf were separated due to
natural reasons.
Researchers say that this
behavior may be due to the
strong maternal instincts of the
lioness which would have lost
her cubs very soon after giving
birth to predators (or ) disease.


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