The man had accidentally slipped into the tigers enclosure while he was taking snaps balancing on the boundary wall.

The tiger played with the quarry for full 10 minutes before grabbing him by the neck and running around in the enclosure in full view of the guards and visitors.

Zoo authority have absolved it self stating financial crunch and rashness on the part of the deceased  Mohammed Maqsood a resident of walled city of Old Delhi.

The deceased body has been meanwhile sent for the postmortem.

Another video of similar story of tiger attacking a man in a Chinese zoo.

And here is another video of tiger and man friendship and co-existence.

And here is another scene of expert handling of a lion by an intruder in a wild life sanctuary.

And here docile and completely domesticated Asiatic lions:

A close shave with  wild lions and the  art of evading their attack:


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