mapI’m in north Lombok, 60 km away from the ferry for Sumbawa Island. The road takes me from the mountains directly to the sea. In the mountains it was just cold enough to feel fresh and enjoy the ride, but after half an hour I can feel the sun, my helmet becomes a small sauna. I am super glad that the adventure continues and I will pass to another island but in the same time I feel that I didn’t stay long enough in Lombok, I didn’t see anything in the central or south part, I didn’t climb Rinjani Volcano (3,726 m), well I will have to come back one day, I suppose. Finally in the port, quick shopping, pineapple (4 pineapples – 1 euro, it’s so cheap that I could eat pineapple all day), water, now to Sumbawa, captain.

3 pineapples, 1 liter of water and 4 hours later I step…

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