Jungle-Wallah in Borneo

If you want to be amazed by the world for 5 minutes, check this out: http://timothyallen.blogs.bbcearth.com/

Interestingly, they’ve done some shooting here in Sabah with the Bajau sea-gypsies. I visited one of their water villages down in Indonesia once – an experience I’ll never forget. This culture, just existing on stilts and plank walkways in the middle of the sea, reminded me of the film Waterworld so much.

Incidentally, the BaAka pygmy who features in two of the top 40 images is an old friend of mine. That’s Mongonje, notorious elephant-hunter turned game keeper. A gentle, quiet man – you would never know he fearlessly scales giant trees in his spare time! Goodness knows how much they paid him. Absolutely awesome shots though.

Here are my two-pennies worth. In 2008 I was lucky enough to go out on a honey-gathering trip with some BaAka in the Central African Republic. It happened…

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