Our city, Delhi went to polls to elect candidates to our Legislative Assembly on Saturday 7.2.2015. This time overburduned I was not able to venture out of neighborhood. I rue for the dull photos because of my cheap camera mobile.


Asif Mohammed Khan Congress candidate held his meeting at High Tension Street



Amanatullah Khan AAP candidate held his meeting in the vacant plot normally used by squatters.

Amanatullah – nick named Dudhiya: cowherd caste, a macho section, by his distractors – AAP Candidate, a history sheeter in losing in elections, looks like going to win this time.

Asif Mohammed Khan the Congress Candidate and sitting MLA and self style Muslim tiger, seems all set to loose this time. Asif belongs to thigh thumping Pathan caste. He exhorted Muslims to become a tiger like him

Chowdhry Brahm Singh Bharatiya Janta Party candidate, a sobre and mature person, nick named Mr Clean by his distractors even, did not dare to venture into Muslim neighborhoods of Jamianagar, an area consisting of a predominantly and rapidly expanding Muslim population of 800,000, with a history of murder, maiming and false implications and hair raising forms of torture and persecution of Government officials and weaker sections among the inhabitants.

The Surging crowd of AAP supporters near polling center at Shaheen Bagh School.


The police had to act, inspite of fear, and pushed the mob to service streets. Don’t know why photo is not showing up

Oblivious of the atmosphere around the two kids played shop, in a street corner.

9 Feb 2015


The first victory procession I saw. Ah! I narrowly missed this procession, consisting mostly of children, what appears to me a family procession.

Amanatullah of AAP has won by 12,274 votes.

Locals waiting jubilantly to welcome the procession
Victory procession arrived 10 PM from Jasola side.

Never before we saw such an euphoria in neighborhood on the occaison of poll
A nudge! This guy wants to be snapped


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